Are Russia and Iran expanding military ties? | TV Shows

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From: Inside Story

The US says the 2 allies are giving one another ‘unprecedented help’ in Ukraine.

Iran is now Russia’s largest navy backer.

That’s the warning from the US Nationwide Safety Council.

John Kirby, the nationwide safety spokesman, says the Ukraine warfare is pulling the 2 nations into what he calls a “full-fledged” defence partnership.

The West has accused Russia of utilizing Iranian drones to kill civilians and destroy Ukrainian vitality amenities.

Kirby believes Tehran and Moscow might begin making these weapons collectively.

In return, he says, Russia is offering Iran with air defence programs, helicopters and coaching.

So, what are the implications for regional, and world, safety?

Presenter: Laura Kyle


Pavel Felgenhauer – Defence and navy analyst

Frank Ledwidge – Senior lecturer in navy technique and regulation, College of Portsmouth

Kenneth Katzman – Senior fellow at The Soufan Heart

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